Protecting Your Property Taxes

As a mother and wife, I know the struggle of making ends meet in Hawaii. We've spent countless hours connecting with our community, knocked on over 4,000 doors, and spoken directly with many residents who are struggling to get by.

That's why I'm very disappointed that our current Council-member Elefante voted "YES" on Bill 42, in favor of using property taxes to fund Rail.

According to the Star Advertiser, this "would mark the first time that money for construction of the rail would come from bonds that eventually would need to be paid off — with interest — from the city’s general operating budget, which is sourced primarily through property taxes."

There are many other alternatives that take vision, collaboration, and foresight!

As a homeowner and mother, this is going to make it incredibly tough for families to survive here in Hawaii. If we continue down this road, our keiki will not be able to call Hawaii home.

I humbly ask for your vote so we can put families first. We must never sacrifice our keiki's future, our kupuna on fixed incomes, or our communities.

Additionally, before the next council meeting on October 30th, I highly encourage you to submit testimony in opposition to Bill 42 , call 808-768-5008, or email the current Council-member at and let your voice be heard - Vote 'NO' on Bill 42.